Integrated Care Pioneers evaluation

PIRU is carrying out a longer-term evaluation of the Pioneers to help build the evidence base on what works best in delivering integrated care in different contexts. Following completion of a qualitative early evaluation, the longer-term evaluation will look at outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

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From the blog

In a new blog, Josie Dixon, Josephine Exley, Gerald Wistow, Raphael Wittenberg, Martin Knapp and Nicholas Mays discuss the sociocultural framing of public attitudes to sharing the costs of social care for older people in England.

In a new blog, Bob Erens, Mary Alison Durand, and Nicholas Mays report on COVID-19's impact on the latest health and social care integration key informant survey.

Sanna Read, Raphael Wittenberg, and Nicholas Mays examine whether people in the UK think social care should be funded by the state, or whether service users should continue to contribute to the cost.

Stefanie Ettelt, Lorraine Williams, Jacqueline Damant and Raphael Wittenberg discuss different models of residential care homes, including a cooperative model in which people live together and determine their own care arrangements.

With the increasing frequency of hotter summers, Lorraine Williams, Bob Erens, Stefanie Ettelt, Shakoor Hajat, Tommaso Manacorda and Nicholas Mays reflect on the risks of hot weather to public heath.

Kathryn Oliver, Anita Kothari and Nicholas Mays reflect on the challenges of coproduction between researchers and stakeholders in applied research projects.

James Barlow writes about the need to develop a global health innovation index.

Latest news

Together with colleagues, Mary Alison Durand and Nick Mays evaluated the impact of English integration of health and social care services on emergency hospital admissions. Read more in their new publication, here >>

Bob Erens and PIRU colleagues’ recent publication on public attitudes and behaviours during heatwaves has been chosen to be featured as an NIHR Research Alert. You can read the NIHR article here >>

Mustafa Al-Haboubi led a systematic review on surveillance systems for antimicrobial resistance. It has been published in Antibiotics, and can be found here >>

Bob Erens published an article in Social Science & Medicine on people's preferences for paying for social care in later life in England. You can read the article here >>

Rebecca Glover is lead author on a BMJ editorial examining the Covid-19 vaccines' latest safety data among people who experience allergies. The article can be accessed here >>

A video recording of the PIRU webinar held on 15 May looking at 'Public Attitudes to Funding Social Care' is now available. The video can be accessed here >>

Rebecca Glover is lead author on a paper which describes a framework for identifying and categorising adverse effects of the Covid-19 lockdown measures. The article can be accessed here >>

PIRU published its report "Evaluation of the Heatwave Plan for England: Final Report". The report can be accessed here >>

PIRU published its report "Personalisation in care homes for older people". The full report can be accessed here >>

PIRU published its report "Understanding experiences of recruiting for, and participating in, genomics research and service transformation: the 100,000 Genomes Project, 2015-2017". The full report can be accessed here >>

PIRU published the reports of its evaluation of the implementation of the UK AMR Strategy. A press release issued by the RVC can be accessed here >> The Overview report can be accessed here >>