Past events

Systems perspectives on policy development and evaluation

Tuesday 26 June 2018
British Library Knowledge Centre, 96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
Plenary: Diane Finegood (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)

What does it mean to have a systems perspective on policy development and evaluation?

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Robin Durie (University of Exeter)

Creating the conditions for health in low income communities: how to take a complex systems approach

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Samantha Hinks (NHS England)

NHS England’s approach to evaluating complex system change: The New Care Models (NCM) Programme

Matt Barnard (Acting Head of Crime, Justice & Attitudes, NatCen)

Wicked problems, wicked solutions: evaluating system change

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Katie Boswell (Deputy Head of Funders, New Philanthropy Capital)

Theory of change and systems change: what happens when two disciplines collide?

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Zenda Ofir (Independent Evaluator / Stellenbosch University)

The imperative and demands of a complex systems lens on evaluation

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Panel discussion

Diane Finegood (Simon Fraser University, Vancouver)
Joseph Lowe (HM Treasury)
David Johnson (Department for Work & Pensions)
Catherine Foot (Centre for Ageing Better)
Tim Baxter (Department of Health & Social Care)
Concluding remarks and close