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Evaluation of the drugs recovery PbR (payment by results) pilots programme
Evaluation of the drugs recovery PbR (payment by results) pilots programme

The Department of Health, the National Treatment Agency, and a number of other government departments are developing pilots which will reward and incentivise providers that support individuals to recover from their drug and alcohol dependence. The aim of the pilots is to focus on a holistic approach to long-term recovery for the individuals and their families and communities. The main outcomes which will be monitored during the pilots are freedom from drugs of dependence, reduced offending, and improved health and wellbeing. PIRU was asked by the Department of Health to provide advice on how the pilots could be evaluated and the outcomes measured.

PIRU prepared a guidance note for the Department of Health in August 2011 which included comments on the outcome measures proposed for the payment by results (PbR) model, and highlighted some of the key issues for the evaluation team to consider, such as potential difficulties comparing pilot sites with one another or with control areas because of the lack of randomisation and the different ways local pilot sites implemented the PbR scheme (in terms of outcomes monitored, level of payments, etc).

PIRU provided a guidance note to the Department of Health on issues to do with evaluating the pilot programme.

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