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Evaluation of the implementation of the UK AMR Strategy
Evaluation of the implementation of the UK AMR Strategy

The UK Five Year Anti-Microbial Resistance Strategy, 2013-2018 was released in September 2013. The primary objective of the Strategy was to slow the development and spread of anti-microbial resistance (AMR).

PIRU was asked to evaluate the Strategy. The Strategy was very broad, with many potentially interacting actions across many sectors, including human and animal health, and with an international dimension. A conventional evaluation of the impact of the Strategy, as would be appropriate to a single intervention, was not possible. Instead, the evaluation comprised a study of the implementation of the Strategy and the key mechanisms of change identified in the Strategy, with a view to helping strengthen implementation of future AMR policy.

PIRU worked in partnership with a team at the Royal Veterinary College on the evaluation.

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