Completed projects

National datasets
National datasets

PIRU is committed to making greater use of routine administrative data for policy evaluation.

Initially, we undertook a review which scoped the range and availability of large, national health and social care datasets and examined issues to do with accessing and linking these datasets.

We also carried out a project which: examined how clinical datasets have been used by policy-makers to inform national health care policies in England; identified examples of their application in evaluating policies; and suggested ways in which policy-makers may make greater use of these datasets.

PIRU continues to look for opportunities for using large-scale administrative datasets for policy evaluation.

One example is the Healthy Outlook evaluation. For details of this evaluation, see Completed projects. For the article published in the Journal of Public Health in July 2014 please click here>>>

An article describing several examples of how national clinical databases have been used to evaluate meso- and macro-level policies was published online by 'Health Policy' in October 2012.

To see an abstract of this article please click here >>