PPIE advisers

Jennifer Bostock

Jennifer Bostock is PIRU co-lead on public and patient involvement. Jennifer has experience of strategy for public involvement in research via QSO and the NIHR School of Public Health & NETScc; PPI training as PPI Chair and training lead of the Research Design Service Public Advisory Group; and dissemination via academic and popular media. Jennifer will ensure that the Unit’s PPI strategy exhibits best practice. Jennifer is the current ethics lead for the Research Design Service (RDS) and is a former Wellcome Biomedical Ethics Scholar. Her background in research ethics (as Vice Chair of an NHS REC & Deputy Chair of an International REC), NHS primary care commissioning, regulation (as a former CQC inspector) and health and social care quality improvement (via NAGCAE, HQIP & NICE) will add a set of independent skills to the team. Jennifer provides research ethics advice to the team. Jennifer has recently been appointed to the editorial board of the Wiley journal Health Expectations publishing papers on PPIE. Her own disability living with a long-term condition and her personal experience as a carer will help root the work of the Unit in the reality of service provision.
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Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker is PIRU co-lead on public and patient involvement. Matthew has particular expertise in cancer research, advising on clinical trials and prevention studies and has worked extensively with NCRI and CRUK. He has collaborated with a number of research teams concerned with aspects of cancer patients’ experience, particularly in relation to widening patient participation in clinical trials. He is a member of the NCRI Consumer Involvement Advisory Group and has assisted in the development of PPI strategy at NCRI and elsewhere.
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